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Currently is the domination of mobile commerce, the emergence of new payment alternatives, omnichannel shopping and the development of the eCommerce experience with the help of AI technology. Thus, as a result of the rapid growth of the eCommerce business and consumer interest in online shopping, a majority of the merchants are turning to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform to give an edge to their online storefronts.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based commerce platform that comes pre-loaded with varied features, tools and commerce portals for unifying the way businesses engage with clients over any channel or device. It simplifies the buying process, personalizes the shopping experience and creates a mobile-friendly shopping experience. It engages organizations to unify the customer experience across all points of commerce, including web, social, mobile, store and others. Commerce Cloud helps to keep track on business growth using Commerce Cloud.By utilizing this cutting-edge eCommerce solution, we can expand your business geographically and sell your brand globally.

What makes Commerce Cloud a need of the hour Cloud?

The key features of Commerce Cloud make it unique in its own way.


Storefront Reference Architecture

This feature eases to create an eCommerce website with customization, using pre-designed wireframes, embedding digital revolutionary technology and useful integrations.

Commerce Cloud Digital

By using Commerce Cloud Digital, you can promote your online store on social media and reach a wider audience.

You can also improve consumer mobile experience by optimizing mobile payment and search and developing your own branded app.


Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

By combining shopping channels, you may make the purchasing experience easy for both your customers and store workers.

Through this, your team members can get access to the customer database and information about online inventory to provide personalized customer experiences.

Order Management

In the simplest terms to understand, the Order Management feature helps to manage the processes related to Order.

It allows you to streamline the process of fulfilling and shipping orders to clients worldwide, as well as automate the payment process and manage refunds and cancellations.


Commerce Platform

The Commerce Platform offers different templates, developer tools and commerce APIs for creating eCommerce websites without the prior requirement for coding.

Just by using a single platform, you can integrate your commerce data across all digital channels and obtain data-driven insights into consumer experiences.

What Makes Commerce Cloud Distinctive?

Commerce Cloud is truly unique and that can be analyzed from the below given features;

  • It belongs to the World’s most renowned Customer Relationship Management.
  • It has Einstein AI’s predictive intelligence.
  • It offers Storefronts with easy customization.
  • Through this, Customers get personalized shopping experiences.
  • It has the capabilities for advanced reporting and testing to improve marketing.
  • It gives a platform for the multi-tenant cloud.
  • Unlike other online mediums, Upgrades are seamless.
  • Its Content Management System is well- suitable for B2B and B2C content marketing activities.

Wondering if Commerce Cloud is suitable for your business?

The answer is YES!

Commerce Cloud creates unified online and offline intelligence driven commerce experiences and helps you connect with your client in a better way.

It grabs the attention of the shoppers with creative offers and promotions and builds one-one in-store journeys.

It personalizes all aspects of shopping, making commerce smarter. Customers can purchase, receive and get service anywhere, while store managers and associates get out from behind the counters to service customers on the floor. The associates also stay updated on store performance right from their phones in real-time.

Thus, Commerce Cloud helps you to deliver a satisfactory and joyous customer journey across marketing, commerce, service and your community and hence will make your organization grow by leaps and bounds.

The implementation of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Being a professionally used software, the employing of Commerce Cloud requires the involvement of a professional.

To utilize the cloud to maximum potential, you will need Salesforce-certified developers that are well-versed with its architecture and programming language and to provide constant ongoing site support and maintenance.

We at Gruslabs are your partner who can implement Commerce Cloud in a way that is beneficial for your organization to the maximum extent possible.

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