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Service Cloud is a leading and one of the most highly-rated customer service software solutions by Salesforce. It ensures quick and smooth connection among agents and customers through various modes of communication. Our certified and skilled Service Cloud professionals will aid various businesses to reach new heights with faster, secured and efficient workflows.

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Our Service Cloud Services includes


Service Cloud Implementation

As a preliminary step in the implementation of the Service Cloud, we firstly understand the business process of the organization to develop a solid base for the further process.

After getting a thorough understanding of the business process, we leverage the most suitable and effective features of the Salesforce Service Cloud that can enable the organization to reap the highest benefits.

We ensure that automation is sensibly infused into the workflow with seamless implementation. With the Service Cloud, organizations can be sure that they will be able to offer an enduring customer experience with the right service.

Service Cloud Consulting

Soon after analyzing the type, model, process and state of the business, we start putting our consultation on how to enhance the business of the organization.

Through our in-depth knowledge and years of expertise in the industry, we provide the most result-oriented consultation, suggestions and ways to enhance the performance of the organization. Under our Service Cloud services, we deliver customized consulting solutions that fulfill what an organization requires to excel in its niche.

Our certified consultation experts also guide in understanding the pros and cons of this CRM.


Service Cloud Migration

At Gruslabs, we firmly believe that Service Cloud Migration should be comprehensive, agile and well-structured as per our Salesforce Service Cloud services. Going by our belief, we also leave no stones unturned to achieve the same.

Migration services ease the process of moving data, product applications and other business management documents from on-premise servers to a cloud computing environment. The central objective of Cloud migration services is to host applications and data in the most cost-effective, performance-oriented and secured IT environment possible.

Migration of any kind is challenging but through our expertise, we initiate to make it hassle-free and glitch-free. We make sure your business process improves and becomes streamlined with secure, smooth and fast migration services.

Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Under our Service Cloud Integration Services, we integrate Service Cloud with back-office applications, which help in extending your service processes to meet your business needs and customer expectations. We offer a phenomenal experience to customers with seamless integration.

Our Service Cloud Integration include a unified data view, improved customer services better communication integration, phone system integration, quotes system integration and more personalized services.


Phone System Integration

In today’s ever-updating world, one aspect which remains constant is the habit of the people to carry cellphones, making it a leading medium to approach customers for your services. Still, there are numerous organizations which are unaware of how effective it can be to integrate a phone system with Salesforce.

In the simplest words, phone system integration means to integrate phone to the working system of your business so that both customer and you can contact each other whenever the either requires.

Phone System Integration includes inbound and outbound calling, SMS messaging, information management, video, screen share, etc.

The leading phone systems that integrate with Salesforce are Fastcall,RingCentral, Nextiva, Vonage,1-VoIP, GoToConnect, Grasshopper

Support and Evolution Services

Our Sales Cloud Support and Evolution Services help in the continuous system monitoring, functionality upgrade and serve as a sales-related help desk for the users.

This is carried out to ensure stable performance of the Sales Cloud services and solutions.

Our team offers seamless assistance to assist you to handle any sort of barrier you may have while adapting to Sales Cloud.

Our customer service team will assist you in resolving any issue you might face and assist you in resolving it by recommending the customized solutions.

Every organization should evolve over time. A result-oriented change contributes a lot in the high performance if the Salesforce and other business systems evolve as well.

So, if as an organization, if you thought to have customization, then we can help you achieve that. We build the entire apps as per your business needs.


Why Salesforce Service Cloud is the right choice for your business growth?

Service Cloud indubitably can enhance the business and offer seamless & comprehensive support to the customer base of the organizations.

  • It manages the workflow in a better way
  • Offers end-to-end customer support
  • Offer Personalized suppor
  • It significantly improves the Sales

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