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Sales Cloud is one of the most reliable CRM platforms across the globe. Sales Cloud plays a prominent part in increasing the ROI of the organization. With the help of Salesforce Sales Cloud, an organization can strengthen their customer relationship, increase productivity and seal more deals.

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Our Sales Cloud Services include


Implementation Services

Our Sales Cloud implementation helps businesses to implement solutions that enhance their sales, customer services and marketing processes.

The Sales Cloud Service that we provide enhances the work efficiency of a Sales Team in B2B and B2C platforms.

Our services help in the collaboration of real-time user collaboration and lead generation in business through personalized customer journeys.

Consulting Services

If you are looking for a Sales Cloud Consulting partner to excel in sales and marketing, then you have been looking for us only.

We at Gruslabs aid you in harnessing your sales processes and completing more deals quicker via our Sales Cloud Consulting Services.

We understand that, just like any innovation, each organization is different and should be handled with a customized approach. Thus, we have a team of highly-trained and well-skilled Salesforce Specialists who provide your organization-specific services.

Under our Sales Cloud Consultation services, we map the business objectives into Salesforce features, recommend the most suitable Sales Cloud edition and build a user adoption strategy.


Customization and Configuration Services

Our customized and configuration services work around the objective to provide custom-made sales-oriented service needs which can ultimately enhance revenue and sales productivity.

We provide the customization services to all industry verticals. Be it a consultation, setup, migration, integration, implementation or support and maintenance, our team of trained Salesforce developers adapted to understanding business requirements and delivering the best-in-class customized solution that helps you improve your sales processes.

Application Development Services

In today’s connected ever-expanding digital world, there is always an ever-growing demand and need for reliable software programs and applications. This trend applies to all business sectors

Our Sales Cloud Application Development Services are meant to offer specific sales, marketing and customer service processes which cannot be targeted or predicted by ordinary Salesforce CRM.

It is one of our expertise to build reliable and bug-free applications that help in improving or transforming sales, marketing and customer service processes.


Integration Services

Our Sales Cloud Integration Services help solve sales-related integration challenges of any complexity.

Through our integration service, we help to connect front office teams of marketing, customer support to the back-office departments; enhance user experience with a single authentication across tools; deliver a consistent customer experience, etc.

To streamline your sales process, we establish strategies for effortlessly making use of Pardot, Lightning Dialer, Revenue intelligence, Quip, Einstein Sales Analytics, Salesforce CPQ, and more.

We offer reliable, scalable, secure Salesforce integration successfully with the current applications and the external cloud.

With utmost excellence, we smoothly migrate your data from the apps like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and QuickBooks to Salesforce.

Nowadays, no business can operate with a single software to excel in the industry and business, all software must sync with each other and we have the expertise to make that happen without any hassle.

Support and Evolution Services

Our Sales Cloud Support and Evolution Services help in the continuous system monitoring, functionality upgrade and serve as a sales-related help desk for the users.

This is carried out to ensure stable performance of the Sales Cloud services and solutions.

Our team offers seamless assistance to assist you to handle any sort of barrier you may have while adapting to Sales Cloud.

Our customer service team will assist you in resolving any issue you might face and assist you in resolving it by recommending the customized solutions.

Every organization should evolve over time. A result-oriented change contributes a lot in the high performance if the Salesforce and other business systems evolve as well.

So, if as an organization, if you thought to have customization, then we can help you achieve that. We build the entire apps as per your business needs.


A fully cloud-based platform facilitate

Managing customer database through a range of automated tools and features

Provide personalized services to your customers and keep track of the same to obtain valuable insights

Manage sales leads in an automated manner

Craft customizable reports and dashboards based on the performance

Salesforce Sales Cloud Key Offerings

The Sales Cloud Offering that we provide helps in enhancing the sales cycle and personalizing it for serving the clients and customer better.

  • Sales Cloud offers the facility to manage all the sales leads in a streamlined, automated and effective manner through;
  • Implementing the lead management tools that are suitable for the organization and help convert them into loyal customers
  • Managing the leads from the moment they are acquired by adding them to the sales pipeline
  • Facility to view the status of all your leads in real-time
  • Score leads based on their nature
  • Helping in prioritizing the leads that need to be nurtured first

Sales Cloud manages the customer database in a way that it ensures personalized services to customers in a seamless manner.

It happens through:

Maintains a record of the oldest to the latest to the potential customers. It’s ‘contacts’ manages individual customers while ‘accounts’ holds the details related to the businesses the organization indulges in

Make room for managing specific contacts and accounts assigned to particular sales reps for an organized approach

Sales Cloud assists in keeping an eye on different opportunities generated and services by the sales reps effectively to close maximum deals.

One can get a complete picture of the past, ongoing and potential deals and contracts that are likely to yield profit to business at every stage.

Sales Cloud eases the work in more different ways. Even, if someone is willing to send/receive contracts, Sales Cloud makes that possible with utmost ease and efficiency.

It can also be utilized for the following benefits;

  • Managing sales quotes and contracts
  • Closing deals by providing several templates for generating quotes.
  • Keeping a track and record of all the contracts one has entered with the customers/clients and the status of the same

The word ‘campaign’ acquires a prominent role in boosting sales and acquiring more leads.

With the implementation of Sales Cloud, we help you:

  • To keep an eye on all the past and ongoing campaigns, we set up the object of ‘Campaigns’
  • CRM software can help to automate data collection and analysis using a range of automated CRM tools so that the team knows how to personalize service to each customer. Reach out to all the prospects and customers across multiple channels
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns and the returns against the investment
  • Organize and link individual marketing campaigns together to build a hierarchy to focus on marketing channels, long-term projects or any other factor that can be beneficial for the business.
  • Add members to the campaigns, assign specific roles, and track all campaign-related processes on a single unified platform to make your campaigns successful

Sales Cloud can save a lot of time and effort for the sales reps by integrating Salesforce with platforms like Gmail and Outlook.

Integrating a website with a CRM platform can help us in tracking the actions performed by the visitors, the leads generated, the sales conducted, and much more on a single cloud-based platform.

Our Data Migration Services help in automating the migrating of all the relevant data from internal and external sources to the CRM database without compromising security and privacy.

Under our Sales Cloud, we also craft custom development services that function exactly the way you want for your organization.

Our highly skilled Salesforce Developers help you develop tools that are made as per your needs and specific business objectives

The Salesforce Products We Offer are

100% Cloud-based Platform

Sales Cloud provides ease of operation to Salesforce users from any location in the world.Compared to on-premise implementation and operation, this platform makes it much easier for teams to work from any location and at any time.Irrespective of the devices or the location they are working from, the users of Sales Cloud can stay in sync with their organization by working on a cloud-based platform.

Advanced Analytics

Sales Cloud provides tools for undertaking advanced analytics. The CRM platform eases to create advanced reports and dashboards for summarizing specific activities and measuring the metrics that matter to users.

Advanced analytics helps users to predict sales, customer behaviour and evaluate risks involved in carrying out the sales processes.

Seamless Collaboration via Chatter

Once the implementation of the Sales Cloud is done, the users get access to Chatter, a feature which is designed to ensure seamless collaboration. With the help of Chatter, users can connect and share pertinent posts related to the CRM platform.

Mobile Customization

Sales Cloud can also be accessed through a responsive mobile application. It helps users work without any disturbance and to be on the same page.

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