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Sales Force has eased the process of business problems in the fields of Sales, Services, Commerce and others by providing unparallel solutions and has moved its way towards solution building for Non-profit organizations through Fundraising, Marketing & Engagement, Program Management and Grantmaking.

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Non-Profit Cloud integrates the digital workflow of Event Management, Fundraising, Marketing & Communications and volunteers in the working of a Non-profit organization.

It is free & open-source and is counted as the leading CRM to create a Constituent Relationship Management system for Non-profit organizations.

The Cloud empowers Nonprofit Cloud in combining fundraising, marketing, programs, and leadership by providing everyone with a unified view of your organization, supporters and data. The foundation of the Nonprofit Cloud is Salesforce’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology and the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to serve as a centralized repository for all of your constituent data


The Non-Profit Cloud Services that we offer

Being your reliable Service Provider, we help you engage new partners, centralize data and optimize business activities. Our Nonprofit Success Pack works as a catalyst to boost fundraising returns.


Nonprofit Cloud Implementation

Our certified Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud experts deploy the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).

NPSP is preconfigured for nonprofits as easy and accessible fundraising and constituent management application which is designed to make the usual working of nonprofits convenient.

The experts at Gruslabs also deploy nonprofit CRM cloud with analytics, workflows and dashboards to make Nonprofit Cloud exceptionally beneficial for the users.

Nonprofit Cloud Consulting

Our experienced consultants firstly; understand the existing working structure of the NGOs, then analyze the adaptations that can be made in the work and after that suggest the most significant solutions to the organization.

Our consultants help NGOs use Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud to transform the ongoing operations and touch the benchmark of fundraising goals.


Nonprofit Cloud Integration

Our certified experts integrate Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud with Software as a Service application, legacy systems and clouds in a seamless manner and at a rapid pace.

Nonprofit Cloud Customization

We make you thrive in your niche through our customized services.

Our experts reconfigure the Nonprofit Cloud by customizing Lightning web components and objects. It helps to maximize the impact of the programs of NGOs on the target audience.


Nonprofit Cloud Migration

Migration can be a risky and tedious task for the organization. But when you trust our Nonprofit Cloud Migration services, nothing can hamper your progress.

We help various NGOs migrate their data from legacy CRM systems to Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, devoid of any risk to accounting data and contacts.

Nonprofit Cloud Support & Maintenance

Migration can be a risky and tedious task for the organization. But when you trust our Nonprofit Cloud Migration services, nothing can hamper your progress.

When you connect with us, you connect to your reliable guide for each part of your work. We are available round the clock to provide end-to-end admin training to full-scale maintenance. We serve as constant support to NGOs to maximize the value derived from Nonprofit Cloud.

Distinctive Features of Non-profit Cloud

The Fundraising solutions of Non-profit make it easier to track and sustain constituent interactions. One can segment the contributors and automate a move management approach based on the parameters. Nonprofit Cloud allows you to check paid and pledged donations in real time from any device. It digitizes all the data of your nonprofit organization to exceed the needs and expectations of your customers. Its digital-first strategy enables you to connect with your people wherever they are with customized communications across platforms, allowing you to raise more funds in less time and at a lower cost.

This accessible solution helps non-profit organizations raise customer awareness of services and easily connect third parties to transactions. It is designed specifically to assist organizations in providing meaningful, scalable experiences to their communities.

In the whole working setup of a Non-profit organization, promotion of one’s policies and connecting with people is of high significance, thus, with the Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits and Account Engagement, strong relationships can be formed with supporters through intelligent, integrated journeys spanning email, mobile and advertising.

The Marketing Cloud Personalization helps to visualize, track and manage interactions across any device and then take action in real-time.

In charity, using a single platform to bring together all non-profit contributors is of paramount value.This cloud enables organizations to measure and manage their programs more efficiently.

The Program Management Module is a free and open-source nonprofit program management solution that works with the Nonprofit Success Pack to enable nonprofits to manage a wide range of programs and services, regardless of complexity.The Program Managers guide better that which activities are more fruitful and construct new programs more quickly.

It grants a customized client approach to the users making possible authentic Case Management. You get access to a personalized approach to know and build communication with each client with the help of end-to-end data synchronization in all commercial and non-commercial software solutions.

The Non-Profit Cloud is crafted in a way that it manages all forms of nonprofit data, both within and outside of Salesforce. A vigorous collection of goods can be connected to external nonprofit database systems to ensure data connectivity. Apps and data can be integrated more efficiently with Mulesoft. With the Nonprofit Success Pack, you can evaluate your data using pre-built reports and dashboard layouts. CRM Analytics allows you to identify opportunities, anticipate results and receive suggestions within your CRM.

Salesforce NPSP is free of cost open-source software package used by more than 47,000 non-profit organizations for improving the interaction level among various levels by enabling pre-built fundraising and constituent management capabilities.

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