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With the worldwide population still coping with the pandemic, there are many other diseases too that are bothering both patients and doctors. Such a challenging time of health issues demands constant interaction between doctors and patients. It has never been more crucial than today to update your systems to meet the demands of a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

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There comes the utility of Salesforce Health Cloud.
Health Cloud is a comprehensive solution that drastically improves your operating system, care management and patient experience — both in-office and out.

Salesforce Health Cloud is a platform for managing doctor-patient interaction and record keeping, thus bringing together a wide range of data from several sources in one location providing all the details of everything about each patient, both clinical and non-clinical

Here the non-clinical refers to the current medical condition, history data, current medications, visit records, tests performed, etc.

It’s a secured platform as it protects all the data and through it, the users and healthcare professionals may access all patient information in real-time, including medical history and planned health check-up visits.

In a nutshell, the Salesforce Health Cloud is a tailored communication medium between the patient and the health entities.

What makes Health Cloud a preferred Cloud?

The interactive features of Health Cloud are as follows


Patient-to-patient trips

With the help of the Health Cloud, each patient can receive adequate attention from medical professionals. All the steps and decisions related to the patients are centralized, so each medical expert has access to the same data and can operate on the same platform. When a patient’s overview can be received, the efficiency of the service can be made better. Organizations can be present at every touchpoint from acquisition through the discharge in order to fulfill the patient’s requirements.

Care plan setting could be made easier

The Salesforce Health Cloud makes it convenient for health professionals to provide patients with an easy and efficient way to enrol in their customized care plans.

Through this, not only the service quality improves, but operating expenses are reduced.


360° patient picture

Just with some clicks, you can access all the possible details about the patient, like the current state of health, appointment history, medical history, medications utilized and other vital information are provided in detail.

Sales and medical device optimization

As the data on the platform is centralized, the Salesforce Health Cloud produces important insights and allows job automation across numerous devices and thus is used by medical equipment manufacturers in sales.Medical staff can be assisted with real-time treatment projections, analytics and insights.


Integration with EHR

Salesforce Health Cloud interfaces with current electronic health records (EHR), offering a centralized view of all tasks and goals related to the treatment plans as a result of which health records can be managed more efficiently.

Additionally, all patient-related data may be brought together on a single platform through connectivity with the Electronic Medical Record (EHR) or in-house clinical systems. This will ultimately enhance the efficiency of your organization’s services.

Benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud

The Salesforce Health Cloud offers all the benefits that a health-related professional seeks.

  • It has accessible dashboards and automated forms, which minimize mistakes and eases automation activities.
  • Any patient can see his/ her complete health history, contact information, insurance plans, existing health issues and prescriptions all on a single page.
  • Data is collected from authentic mediums like wearables, medical devices, sleep habits, exercise and glucose levels.
  • Salesforce Health Cloud helps in gathering all the details about patients like age, current condition and why they opted to discontinue the ongoing treatment. Such a form of data will be used to design innovative solutions for more effective results.
  • Health Cloud displays information in the form of charts and colour-coded techniques to provide data in understandable formats which makes it easier to grasp the information.

What does the Salesforce Health Cloud offer?

The Salesforce Health Cloud is designed in a way that it can be utilized by the Healthcare and Life Sciences enterprises of varied disciplines varying from providers, payers, healthcare systems, pharmaceutical firms and medical device companies to ensure betterment in patient’s life, from the first point of contact to medical billing.

The Health Cloud, as a clinically focused platform enables procedures like;

  • Acquiring patients
  • Patient surveys and evaluations
  • Marketing campaigns for patients
  • Patient contact and engagement management
  • Physician recruitment and outreach
  • Monitoring and administration of care plans
  • Risk classification of patients

Salesforce Health Cloud Implementation

Health Cloud has always been beyond just managing patient information and healthcare events.

By giving a consolidated view of critical patient records, availability of a patient’s care team and the tools to bring it all together to improve healthcare outcomes, the Health Cloud redefine the way that cares coordinators engage with patients.

The data model is based on the standard Salesforce object model, which you can use to support your users in delivering quality care.

As soon as the basic steps are completed, you can customize the Health Cloud App to make your users connect more with your services.

You can apply the Health Cloud user interface to mould them as per the specific need of your organization.

When you provide your users with the definite information that they are seeking, then they feel about your services differently and instantly connect with them.

The Health Cloud offers a Salesforce Community Builder with the Customer Service (Naplili) template to aid to set up a private patient community. Such communities help care coordinators, physicians and patients an easy way to interact with each other whenever and wherever they are.

Einstein Analytics, lets you manage risk stratification which enables providers to identify the right level of care and services for distinct subgroups of patients.

The Salesforce Health Cloud offers a feature called Salesforce Shield which provides a set of security tools that you can use to comply with regulations on storing sensitive protected health information.

It’s Platform Encryption, Event Monitoring and Field Audit Trail helps you monitor usage, and protect data at rest without compromising with the full functionality.

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