Community Cloud

Cloud Computing is an integral part of the virtual technology process. Its various parts are designed to ease the process of working with people all over the globe. One such variation is Community Cloud.

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A community cloud is a cloud infrastructure that allows systems and services to be accessible by a group of several organizations to share information. Community cloud is owned, managed and operated by one or more organizations in the community, a third party, or a combination of them. It serves as an infrastructure that enables individuals and organizations to collaborate with similar computing concerns in areas of performance, audit and regulatory issues.

The core objective on which Community Cloud works is to let multiple customers work jointly on projects and uses that are common to the community that uses them. It helps and facilitates projects on a centralized and common cloud infrastructure. With the help of community cloud computing, organizations and businesses can analyze the business demands a lot better.

Here’s why you need Community Cloud

The benefits that Community Cloud offers make it highly advantageous for organizations that intend to work on shared projects with shared or common objectives.


Scalable and Flexible

The Community Cloud is designed in a way that is adaptable to every user’s need. It is flexible and scalable as per the need of users. It lets the users modify and amend the documents according to their needs and requirement.

Cost Efficient

Community Cloud is immensely cost efficient as the complete cloud is shared within various communities.


Security and Compliance

While compared to a public cloud, Community Cloud can be considered secure. The users of the Community Cloud can configure various levels of security for their data.

Sharing infrastructure

Being an open system, community clouds remove the dependency that organizations usually have on cloud service providers and with the shared infrastructure, lets users share infrastructure, resources and other aspects within various organizations


Lesser burden on the IT department

When data, systems and applications are managed under the cloud, they can be managed singularly, which reduces the need to have additional resources to handle the work.

Wondering where you can put Community Cloud to Use?

Let us guide you;

Community Cloud can be beneficial for different organizations in varied ways, like;

  • Various core governmental organizations in the USA uses community cloud for security, privacy and audit-related matters.
  • Government departments can avoid data traffic while utilizing it at different levels to perform transactions.
  • If yours is a private organization, then you can connect various users to the same environment and logically divide their sessions without the need to have separate servers for each client with the same intentions.
  • You can also use Community cloud as an agency to test application with need high-end security.

Community Cloud-The Architecture

The answer is YES!

The framework or the structure of Community Cloud is differently designed. The accessors or the members of the community cloud are the organizations that have common business needs. The common needs can be driven by the need for shared data, shared services or shared industry regulations.

To set up a community cloud, organizations can choose to host their own data centres and split the cost and responsibilities.

Being your reliable partner, we can assure that Community Cloud is a model with immense potential for growing organizations in the health, financial, legal and educational sectors.

Community Cloud-The Implementation

As a consequence of the multiple members involved, the implementation process of the Community Cloud is a bit more challenging than other types of clouds.The decisions regarding Community Cloud are cannot be standalone, and as a result, a handbook needs to be established at the outset, with clarifying subjects like;

  • Mission statements
  • Ownership of services and resources
  • An economic model of shared cloud and services
  • Resource allocation and maintenance
  • Industry regulations binding each organization

Currently, the Community Cloud market is estimated to reach $12.8 billion by 2027 mainly because the benefits of a community cloud outweigh the challenges associated with it. 

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