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Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is one of the most reliable CRM platforms across the globe.

Sales Cloud plays a prominent part in increasing the ROI of the organization.

  • logo 100% Cloud-based Platform
  • logo Advanced Analytics
  • logo Seamless Collaboration via Chatter
  • logo Mobile Customization
  • logo Data Migration
  • logo Salesforce Consulting
  • logo Salesforce LWC
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Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a leading and one of the most highly-rated customer service software solutions by Salesforce.

  • logo Service Cloud Implementation
  • logo Service Cloud Consulting
  • logo Service Cloud Migration
  • logo Salesforce Service Cloud Integration
  • logo Phone System Integration
  • logo Our LWC Services
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Commerce Cloud

Currently is the domination of mobile commerce, the emergence of new payment alternatives, omnichannel shopping and the development of the eCommerce experience with the help of AI technology.

  • logo Storefront Reference Architecture
  • logo Commerce Cloud Digital
  • logo Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle
  • logo Commerce Portals
  • logo Order Management
  • logo Commerce Platform
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CPQ/Revenue Cloud

Are you seeking a method to make your revenue channel completely transparent?Well, there is something which can quench your odyssey for the same.

  • logo Revenue Tracking is easier
  • logo Boost New Revenue Streams
  • logo Improves Revenue Efficiency
  • logo Enhances Buying Experience
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Health Cloud

With the worldwide population still coping with the pandemic, there are many other diseases too that are bothering both patients and doctors.

  • logo Patient-to-patient trips
  • logo Care plan setting could be made easier
  • logo 360¬į patient picture
  • logo Sales and medical device optimization
  • logo Integration with EHR
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Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is a leading platform of Salesforce that is designed to ease and enhance the process of Marketing.

  • logo Obtaining in-depth knowledge of the customer
  • logo Customization with Artificial Intelligence
  • logo Impact analysis
  • logo Journey Builder
  • logo Email Studio
  • logo Social Studio
  • logo Mobile Studio
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Non-Profit Cloud

Salesforce has eased the process of business problems in the fields of Sales, Services, Commerce and others by providing unparallel solutions and has moved its way towards solution building for Non-profit organizations through Fundraising, Marketing & Engagement, Program Management and Grantmaking.

  • logo It is Affordable
  • logo It keeps the Business Organized
  • logo Provides Support
  • logo Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
  • logo Fundraising
  • logo Marketing & Engagement
  • logo Program Management
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Community Cloud

A community cloud is a cloud infrastructure that allows systems and services to be accessible by a group of several organizations to share information.

  • logo Scalable and Flexible
  • logo Cost Efficient
  • logo Security and Compliance
  • logo Sharing infrastructure
  • logo Lesser burden on the IT department
  • logo Salesforce Consulting
  • logo Salesforce LWC
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