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Are you seeking a method to make your revenue channel completely transparent? Well, there is something which can quench your odyssey for the same.
Here comes the Revenue Cloud for you.

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Revenue Cloud is a revenue management solution which helps in the smooth-running of the entire revenue life cycle.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a blend of numerous existing Salesforce products, including Salesforce CPQ & Billing to accommodate a robust sales engine along with subscriptions, recurring revenue and consumption-based models.

Revenue Cloud helps businesses to bring the customer and revenue lifecycles closer together.

Through Revenue Cloud, we ease to

Unify your revenue processes and data

Drive efficiency with automation across the entire product-to-cash journey

Most importantly, deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Wondering why your organization needs Salesforce Revenue Cloud?


Revenue Tracking is easier

Revenue Cloud helps to automate time-consuming tasks by using the custom Salesforce Revenue Cloud which makes the handling of the clientele easy.

Everything concerned with revenue will be trackable during the entire revenue cycle.

Boost New Revenue Streams

Salesforce Revenue Cloud makes the Sales and Marketing departments effectively establish new revenue growth tactics.

It enables your organization to access data from various clouds on a shared network, all because of the new Multi-Cloud-Billing capability.


Improves Revenue Efficiency

Revenue Cloud comes with an efficient automated function and thus eliminates the inconvenience of manual approvals, data verification, etc.

The Cloud is designed in a way that it automatically confirms sales orders and generates invoices in an integrated manner.

Its user-friendly dashboard displays all items that customers have purchased and ultimately enhances revenue efficiency.

Enhances Buying Experience

It often happens that corporations and businesses face unpleasant purchase experience, which can completely be changed with Revenue Cloud as it transforms the entire purchasing decision.

Consumers can move to direct partners & distributors with diverse sales channels by using the revolutionary Consumer Asset Lifecycle Management platform.


The Salesforce Revenue Cloud comes with benefit-oriented features like;

1. Transparency in lead-to-sale cycles.

2. List payments.

3. Reduce the financial obligation and regulatory burden.

4. Receipts of the transactions can be issued without the requirement of any complicated third-party billing software.

5. The cloud offers automation as a result of which the members of the organization can concentrate on other relevant tasks and activities.

6. It enables businesses to keep all of their revenue information in one place for themselves and their associates.

Let’s understand how the Revenue Cloud works through the following steps:

1. The users get access to a backend with a summary of their sales data.

2. A channel-by-channel revenue breakdown is available to members.

3. In the Revenue Cloud interface, users will find a breakdown of revenue by product.

4. A graph depicting recurring revenue trends is also included in the program.

5. To keep catalogue goods and prices up to date, use Salesforce’s integration update. Businesses can also accept payments through various channels.

1. Examining the business sales patterns to make the organization adaptable for the future from today itself.

2. Automating the Payment Processes.

3. Managing Customer Service with ease.

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