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Marketing Cloud is a leading platform of Salesforce that is designed to ease and enhance the process of Marketing. Marketing Cloud is an assuaging concept for Marketing professionals who wants to obtain the highest return from investment through understanding customers and offering them what they are seeking.

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Under the Marketing Cloud, as a marketing platform, we cover various dimensions of marketing like multi-channel campaign execution, pre and post-campaign analytics including audience building and segmentation, social media engagement and advertising and a data management platform. Marketing Cloud unites customer data with customer behaviour in real-time to create intelligent interactions that anticipate customer needs.

We conduct them through components-Studios and Builders


With their aid, we manage and engage with specific channels of communication like Social Studio, Email Studio and Mobile Studio.


They are utilized to manage data, content and customer journeys.

The Marketing Cloud Services that we offer


Marketing Cloud Implementation

We have formulated our Marketing Cloud Services in a way that keeps your customers at the focus of every step, which compels them to stay connected to your organization. Through our services, we manage marketing campaigns in a way that develops meaningful customer relationships.

We create real-time engagement as and when required by our clients. It helps to successfully identify new customers and nurture existing customers by driving trust through our services.

Marketing Cloud Consulting Services

The Certified Consultants at Gruslabs clears your path to the customers’ mind and heart by helping you know the customer, delivering personalized communications in a trusted way, measuring end-to-end campaign effectiveness & personalize experiences with your brand and business.

Our team of certified and skilled Salesforce developers help you discover the benefits of a unified cloud platform and its significance for your business.


Marketing Cloud Integration Services

Our proficient team offers services that provide a panoramic view of customers with data across all channels and devices.

We integrate your legacy systems into the cloud to enable a smooth transition and refined integration.

Our well-skilled experts offer Marketing Cloud Integration services with other Salesforce products and many other third-party applications to ease the convenience to interact with the customers.

Marketing Cloud Customization Services

Each customer is different and each customer grasps a message from his perspective, so the strategies to communicate with them should also be customized to make them all relate to your brand on a personal level.
Thus, we dig deeper into your business need and pattern to deal with customers and customize the Salesforce marketing cloud to cater to unique requisites.


Why your business needs Salesforce Marketing Cloud today & now?

The utility of Salesforce Marketing Cloud can be summarized in the following points

1. Obtaining in-depth knowledge of the customer

This platform makes it achievable to gather and connect data from varied sources and devices and form a single unified vision of the customer.

2. Customization with Artificial Intelligence

The Einstein tool of Marketing Cloud provides insights and data to update the timing of Marketing Activities. It helps to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to personalize the interaction with the customers by understanding their engagement and behaviour.

It offers interesting applications which include;

Engagement scoring to predict the customers who will interact through messaging.

Enabling Sent time optimization to analyze the ideal time of messaging individuals so that the message is opened.

Analyzing the number of messages to be sent to individuals through Engagement frequency.

3. Create interest across the journey

As it ensures a two-way engagement in real-time, it provides insights to offer customers what’s right for them. It also generates attention and awareness during the complete process.

4. Impact analysis

Marketing Cloud eases all facets of the customer journey through various Marketing channels and devices, using artificial intelligence and the digital tool Google Analytics 360. Thus, it helps businesses to measure the impact of their strategies on customers.

Making you Win your Customers through Customized Tools

Through our customized tools, we help you make the most of your valuable customer database and use the same in approaching your potential customers. You can tailor your communication as per the specific communication requirement and make your business flourish through our offerings in the form of the following tools.

This Marketing Automation solution creates customized customer journeys through multiple channels. It provides each customer with a personalized journey and connected experience at every stage which makes them feel as if they are the most valued customer handled by you which entices them to be connected with you for a long run.

Emails have always been a preferred and customer-centric way of communication and hence they are opted widely. Email Studio helps to create personalized emails tailored just for your contacts, filled with persuasive content to gain the desired result gaining the desired action.

It is oriented to perform customized campaigns of email marketing, which help to configure various data relationships and email templates to send the right messages at the right time.

Social Media is that trendy medium which keeps your business in trend always. Through Social Studio tool, we help to establish maintain a strong social presence by setting up Social Studio profiles and users. You can configure different workplaces and social accounts on the most suitable platforms for reaching out to your target audience.

This tool aims at creating customized campaigns which turns social media followers into potential leads.

From creating sample posts to connecting social media accounts to CRM, Social Studio is designed to improve the way you manage social media.

In today’s connected world, to say that Mobile is a dire necessity won’t be an exaggeration. Hence, to disseminate any message or promote any idea through mobile can assure that the target audience will definitely see that message.

Thus, our Mobile Studio helps to connect customers through personalized mobile communication. It helps reaching out to contacts by creating vigorous SMS and MMS marketing campaigns.

Through Mobile Studio, we also keep a track of the messages sent and replies received and utilizes that data to further improve the services.

Advertising has always been the customer’s favourite medium to grasp a message. It allows for disseminating out-of-box ideas for creating advertising campaigns. We can reach out to your existing and potential customers on multiple platforms with effective cross-channel advertising.

Through Advertising Studio, we initiate taking a step toward digital advertising and manage the acquisition, retargeting and alignment campaigns.

This tool enables you to understand the content with which your audience connects.

With this tool, we capture data from any source and unify all that data in one single place.

Audience Studio fulfils the social listening goal in order to enable the creation of content that is more appealing to the audience.

It’s one of the most crucial forms of the studio. It’s a tool to visualize the experience of the customers in real-time and makes it possible to connect with them through any interaction

This tool is a hub where all data can be accessed through a dashboard, where the return on investment can be controlled and business growth boosted.It’s an advanced marketing intelligence platform to connect all relevant data available across different platforms, obtain key marketing insights based on your campaigns and create robust marketing analytics apps for enhanced performance.

It isn’t an exaggeration to consider Data Studio as the most effective tool to increase revenue using valuable data.

We use it in a way that it becomes the best solution for your business to discover the audience, acquire data & take control and charge of that data.

Marketing Cloud offers this highly- utility based tool to allow users to use all the insights from customers to understand their psychology, craft strategies according to that and obtain more from marketing actions.

Pardot works on Business-to-Business sales and marketing businesses and offers email automation, targeted email campaigns and lead management for them.

It makes marketing automation easier to empower sales teams for closing more deals and create meaningful connections.

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